Pastor Jaya Daula                                                                                                                               

Nepal jail ministry

              Jail ministry is one of the wonderful ways to show god's love for people. Life in jail is never easy. people lose hope and love from other. Jail ministry gives love to one who is ignored by people and hopes to those who has to lose their life completely. We give love and hope from our lord's word and gospel. Jail ministry is very tough and challenging. We have to work with people who are criminals and people who had a very difficult life before. It is very hard to make people forget their past and live a new life in Jesus. Some people in jail take Jesus as their saviour and lord because they are tired of their old life.


             We are providing support and help for people in jail. We  are providing different things,materials and help to jail. The jail in Nepal is in very poor condition. The prisoners are living very hard life in jail. After the great earthquake in Nepal, the condition of people, as well as the jail itself,  is in very bad condition from before. We can find many earthquake victim prisoners in jail. 



             We launch many different programmes for our brother and sister in jail. we also have planned many big projects and programme for them. We do your best to fill them but sometimes due to time and lack of economic support we are not able to do such programmes. There is jail in almost all the district of Nepal and we are trying to reach in all the district jails to launch programme for them. We are able to reach in some jails in Nepal which are near to Kathmandu. Now we are going further to illam and other further places.

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