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  • A vision for jail ministry                                                              I am pastor Jaya Daula . I am a missionary in jail ministry .when I was 11 /12 years old, I was called by our lord for the jail ministry. Then after the call with prayer and gods word I moved forward in god.

  • Starting of jail ministry in Nepal                                                In around 1999 AD god work started in Nepal capital Kathmandu. Then Nepal government and Maubadi’s war was broken out. Nepal Christian where arrested, beaten and put in jail. But still god worked in Nepal and he was going to start jail ministry. In that time, I really had hard days due to the government who were against Christian. Then in 2006 AD I got married to my wife. We prayed and started jail ministry together. God made it easy with support and prayer.

  • Jail in Nepal                                                                                  Nepal is a country with only 14 zones and 75 districts. Among the entire district Bara, Bhaktapur and Dhanusha have no prison. Kathmandu and Dang have the most jail in Nepal which is two in each.

  • Our work in jail                                                                             We all member's of jail ministry work as a social servant. We do a fellowship in jail for our Christian brothers and sisters in there. In every jail we go, we do some fellowship, bible study, distributing tracks and many other programmes. This way we work in jails. In the present time, we have visited and organised jail ministry programme in 17 to 18 jails. We have made about 200 to 300 believers and among them 200 are officially baptised. We have done many social services and preaching inside the jail. We have opened some library in the jail, some games programme are launched, some adult education, health-related programmes, children education and health related and many other such kinds of programmes.

  • Economic activity                                                                         Our lord is helping us to continue our jail ministry. We have fewer people to open their hand to us. We thank them for their support and their help. Due to this, we are not able to establish a proper programme for them.

  • Life after jail                                                                                 The people who suffer in jail and later have become believer are still working in lord even after getting released from jail. They get inspired and inspire other by sharing lord Jesus good news to their relatives and neighbours. Many strong believers who get released from jail have become elders in their village some of them even have started their own fellowship.



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