Works done in 2016



         In 2016 Nepal jail service have done many programs in different jail of Nepal during Christmas and new year. The main reason to organize such programs in jail is to tell our brother and sister in jail about Jesus Christ and about the good news of salvation.  To organize this all programs Nepal Jail Service got special permissions from government and help from different people. We helped our brothers and sister in jail to celebrate Christmas and to know about  its real purpose (i.e. the birth of our savior) and to enjoy new year.


          2016 Christmas programs and 2017 New year programs in different jail of Nepal by Nepal Jail Ministry


1.Sindhuli Jail - This jail contained total of 120 prisoners and to tell them about the gospel we took permission from the government to organize a program of 2 hour inside the jail. In supervision of the jailer of the prison we started a fellowship with the prisoners and share them the gospel. We also distribute some tracks and bibles to the prisoners. The preaching was done by the pastor Jaya Daula. Pastor told the prisoners about the true meaning of Christmas and why it is celebrated. After the program was finished there was small talk with the prisoners. The whole program was very blessing for all of us.



2.Ramechhap jail - The number of prisoners in the jail was 250. We organized a Christmas program in the jail. We shared some words of god and some bibles to the prisoners. We also did some management for quick snakes for the prisoners. Many prisoners got chance to accept Jesus in their life.



3.Dhulikhal jail - This jail consist of 210 prisoners and among them 40 are suffering from mental illness. Even the mentally ill people are believing in Christ and taking baptism. Jail ministry distributed some bibles and did many programs and fun activities inside the jail like games, poem competition etc. We also managed some lunch for them and provided them with their needs. For the first time in Nepal a christen movie was shown inside this jail. The movie was full with good knowledge and gospel. The movie inspired many prisoners in the jail.


4.Jail inside the valley - The distribution of bibles was done in the jails of valley of Kathmandu. Some materials for the church in jail was provided to badra jail. Bible was distributed in the jails of Nakhu, Badra, Mahila, center and Deli Bazar.




5.Rasuwa jail - Over 100 prisoners are living in this jail from which 5 of them are female. Different books, newspapers and bibles were distributed in the jail. Some carpets were also given to the church of the jail. Snacks were also provided to the prisoners of the jails.




6.Nuwakot jail - Bibles and book were distributed to the prisoners and police brother in the jail. We also did a small service inside the jail in Christmas. Management of snacks was also done for the prisoners of the jail.



7.Dhading jail - More than 210 altogether prisoners live in this jail. First a service was done inside the jail then a bibles and books were distributed among the prisoners in the jail. 1000 L of water tanker was also hand over to the jail to be used by the prisoners. It was provided according to their need of water.


         The Nepal jail service has done the work of god in almost 18 jails in Nepal. The best part is that this jails have a regular service in their church inside the jail. The christens prisoners who have got released from the jail go to their village and start their own fellowship there or go to other church to becomes elder and active member of the church and to help flourish the kingdom of Nepal.



In this 18 jails sometime we organize the fellowship and services.  We also lunch different kind of programs to give inspiration to the believers in jail. We also distribute different books and bibles to the fellow brother and sister in the jail. Electronic communication are also done with the prisoners and praying for the prisoners are also done. We not only help the prisoners but also the believers who have been just released. We help them economically and spiritually. We help them to live a better life after being released from the jail. 

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