Prayer and Help

  These kids are blooming flower and stars of the future. They are the pillar and heroes of the future, We all know these things but still, people are only saying these things and not acting. It is easy to say but hard to act. 

   We all know we feel very sad to be punished for things we didn't do. These Children are also innocents and lonely. They are suffering for the deeds of their father, mother or both, if their father do crime their mother marry other and go and if mother then father goes away leaving the child in the middle to be lonely and to suffer. The dreams of the child and their future all broken down.

   We have collected lots of children like them suffering and crying all hopeless. But our lord wants to save every single one of us even if its criminal or children of criminal. He thinks for them and he loves them he doesn't want them to go in the same way like their parents went. But it is our duty to show them what love of christ is. We jail ministry try to share the god word with their parents and try to give these children some love and hope through lord.

   Jail ministry tries to give them love and hope for future. We give them the education to be one of the successful people. But we alone can't do anything at all. We need support and help to continue our work for these children, are you ready to help them because they are like us who were far from our heavenly father, we know what it is like to be far from our father but our lord Jesus christ came to become a bridge for us. My friends let's become a bride for them,let help them today so they will help others tomorrow.




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